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The new Forum/ Chat/ Newspaper/ Comments Regulations
After analyzing the comments written by you on the forum, we have set a series of changes in the rules.
Starting today the warning system for the users that break the rules of the forum will be modified, being applied a simple warning or a penalty, in local currency as follows:
- first warning - 500 local currency;
- second warning - 1000 local currency;
- third warning - 2000 local currency, and so on.
Your posting rights will be withdrawn when your funds reach negative values. Keep in mind that the forum is a public posting platform and it must be clean, from all points of view. We wish to remind you that on the forum, chat, in the newspaper, in the comments or in the private messages, we do not allow any offenses, vulgar language, external advertising, calumnies, insults to other users or to the MarketGlory team. Also, personal information such as skype, facebook, email, messenger account are not permitted.
In case of infringement of the rules, the warning, respectively the warnings will remain at the discretion of the moderator.

Concerning the Ministers

One of the attributions that the members of the government have is that of administrators on their country's chat. The members of the government have the right (and responsibility) to ensure a civilized communication between the users. They have the right to ban users only for explicit obscene language and external advertising on the public channel. For all other irregularities, please contact the moderator. All the bans must be justified through a PrintScreen, which will be sent by the minister at [email protected] If any abuse is detected, the ministers who ban unjustified sill be warned. At a second warning, they will be banned for an unlimited period.

Thank you for your understanding!
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