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Companies and War module Modifications

1. The Pitch Factory

As you very well know, the production of goods for GoalTycoon has been shut down. Starting today the pitch production has also been shut down, however pitch is introduced in MarketGlory.

We created a new company, the Pitch Factory that will produce Pitch in MarketGlory, used as a raw material for the Real Estates, pitch of only one quality. Note that the Real Estates will now offer energy throughout the day (24 hours) as follows:
- House - 10 Energy Points

- Villa - 30 Energy Points

- Palace - 50 Energy Points
For all users that had Pitch Production Companies will have automatically converted the companies into Pitch Factories.

. For the stocks you had in the Pitch Production, the switch will be made as follows:
- 1 pcs Q1 pitch (GT) = 1 pcs. Pitch (MG)
- 1 pcs Q2 pitch (GT) = 3 pcs. Pitch (MG)
- 1 pcs Q3 pitch (GT) = 5 pcs. Pitch (MG)
If you had licenses for all 3 qualities, the remaining validity period will be summed up and given for the license in the Pitch Factory, to product Pitch (MG).
The funds in your Pitch production companies will be moved to your new company, the Pitch Factory and the Euros will be converted into Gold and invested in your company.

2. The Ginseng Company

Ginseng with Green tea, will be used to produce Energy drinks. Green tea will have a specific company.
The Coffee Production will be transformed into Energy Drinks production, having the same need for raw materials as Coffee had, however adding Ginseng and Green Tea in the formula.

3. War Module

We've prepared a series of changes for the war module as well, specifically organizations and bids.
Starting today, the maximum number of members in an organization has increased from 33 to 70. All organizations will have level X upgrade, change made automatically by us without costs.

The cost of creating a new organization has been increased from 5 Euros to 50 Euros, and the prices of opening a war has been increased from 5 Gold to 100 Gold.
Each time your organization loses a war, the bid price will increase with 100 Gold. However, each time your organization wins a war, the bid price decreases with 100 gold.

For example: if you opened a war and it's in progress – has not ended – and you decide to attack another territory, the price for opening the second one will be the default price 100 Gold + 100 Gold (because you already have a war opened. ). This example applies strictly if you do not have any wars in the history of your organization.

For any questions you might have, feel free to ask.

Good luck!
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