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Cryptocurrencies available in MarketGlory

We would like to inform you that we introduced Bitcoin as an investment method.
In the following period, alongside Bitcoin, Ether and Veros will also be implemented.

From the Invest menu you can select Bitcoin, then you will need to fill in the form, and you will be redirected to the Netopia payment platform. On their platform you will see the amount you need to pay and how much Bitcoin. When selecting an investment pack, below the form you have available the sum you will pay and the amount of virtual currency you receive in your account.

Depending on the sum you invest, you receive Experience points as follows:

- 20 euros - 4 Experience points
- 50 euros - 12 Experience points
- 100 euros - 25 Experience points
- 500 euros - 150 Experience points
- 1000 euros - 300 Experience points

To make the payment, you will need to scan the QR, or send the money, at the address displayed below the QR (below the scan image).
You have 10 minutes to make the payment else that address/QR expires.

The advantage of using Bitcoin to invest is that you receive in your account approximately 95% of your investment, in comparison to the credit card, for example, where you receive 90% of your investment.
For a clearer example, if you invest via Bitcoin the 10 Euros pack, you receive in your account 9.5 Euros, while if you invest via credit card the 10 Euros pack, you receive 9 Euros in your game account.

For any help you might need, feel free to ask for help.

Good luck!
taura, Moderator 14 months ago
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9 months ago
withdraw? when it will be available?
I do not have any information about such an option being introduced as of yet.
taura, Moderator
9 months ago
9 months ago
10:00am 15/03/2027
8 months ago