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Signaling problems that appear
When problems related to MarketGlory appear, we ask you to notify the game's administration as soon as possible. Our team will proceed to solve these issues as soon as we receive the notification. Once the problem was signaled to our technical department, we have to ask, however, that you do not insist in repeating the notification - we will be working on solving it as quickly as possible, and users will be notified as soon as we have a solution.

Also, we must mention that we will not tolerate any kind of injuries or insults towards our team, any such post following to be deleted, and it's author, reprimanded by receiving a warning. If such behavior continues, we will take the right to fully withdraw the user's rights of posting on the chat or forums.

If we encounter malicious or ironic posts regarding the MarketGlory team, no matter how they are worded as, we will enforce the measures that have been previously mentioned. Also, please post the encountered problems on the 'Help&Support;' topic, that should be kept as clean as possible, so we can easily take note of the problems that appear.

The MarketGlory team wishes you good luck!
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